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CCSD Free Meals Pickup

CCSD Free Meals Pickup - Spanish 

2019-2020 SB-178 Summary Form

2018-2019 SB-178 Summary Form

Crisis Response Plan

Crisis Response Plan - Spanish

Report a Bully


Title I and School Performance Plans:

Title I FY22 Chaparral HS Allocation

2020-2021 School Performance Plan

2020-2021 Title 1 ESSA Parent Meeting

2020-2021 Title I Budget Plan

2020 - 2021 FY Parent Notification Letter

2020 - 2021 FY Parent Notification Letter Sp


    Dress Code


    Accountability Reports:

    2019-2020 Accountability Report

    2018-2019 Accountability Report

    2017-2018 Accountability Report

    2015-2016 Accountability Report English

    2015-2016 Accountability Report Sp

    2014-2015 Accountability Report English

    2014-2015 Accountability Report Sp

    2014-2015 Nevada School Performance Framework  

    2013 - 2014 Annual Accountability Report Website 

    2013 - 2014 Accountability Report - Enlgish

    2013 - 2014 Accountability Report - Spanish

    2012 - 2013 Accountability Report - English 

    2012 - 2013 Accountability Report - Spanish 


    Important Letters from Principal James Regarding Title 1 and Teacher Qualifications:

    2020-2021 Title I Parents Rights to Know

    2020-2021 Title I Parents Rights to Know - Spanish

    2019-2020 Parent and Family Engagement Policy

    2018-2019 Parent and Family Engagement Policy

    2017-2018 Parent and Family Engagement Policy

    2016-2017 Parent and Family Engagement Policy

    2015-2016 School Status Notification

    2015-2016 Parent Involvement English Version

    2015-216 Parent Involvement Spanish Version

    2015-2016 Teacher Qualifications English

    2015-2016 Teacher Qualifications Spanish

    2014-2015 Accountability Report English

    2014-2015 Accountability Report Sp



    Graduation Information:

    Graduation time and place will be updated in the summer.


    Orleans Arena: Parking Map

    For schools graduating at the Orleans Arena only:

    Families will be able to order DVD’s in the following ways:
     1. Online at [ ]
     2. In person at the Orleans Arena during each graduation session

    *** In addition to the purchase options above, a sales link will be on the Orleans Arena website so that families who decide later on to buy a DVD can find the sales page.

    For additional information, please call RT Productions @ 800.385.0706 or email

    Have you ordered your Cap & Gown?  Visit the Herff Jones Website to place your order and/or make a payment.

    herff jones

    Every student MUST reserve a gown from Herff Jones if they plan to walk at Graduation.

    Herff Jones
    5071 N. Rainbow Suite 150
    Las Vegas, NV 89130
    Phone: 702-396-4723 (Las Vegas Office)
    Fax: 208-522-5277


    CCSD Policy Regarding Student Searches

    Students are hereby informed that they will be subject to search when they enter campus after the beginning of the school day.  This includes, but is not limited to, unauthorized returns.  This notice does not exclude personnel, however, from searching a student at any time should there be reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing.

    For further information regarding student searches, please refer to Clark County School District Regulation 5144 - Searching Students or Student Lockers.

    Por este medio se informa a los alumnos que serán sujetos a revisión en su persona y pertenencias al ingresar al campus una vez que haya iniciado el día escolar.  Esto incluye, pero no se limita a regresos no autorizados.  Sin embargo, este aviso no impide que un miembro del personal pueda revisar a un alumno en cualquier momento si existe sospecha razonable de actos indebidos.


    National PTA

    Please access the website for the National PTA which provides Parent Guildes and tools to help you ensure your child's success.  Click here for their website.