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Special Education

Administrators and Teachers

Chaparral Cowboys Logo Amy Stepinksi
Crystal Hadobas Crystal Hadobas
Department Coordinator
Chaparral Cowboys Logo Janet Bady
Resource Teacher
Larry Lapow
Resource Math Applications
Chaparral Cowboys Logo Regina Littlefield
Math App Resource and Pre-Algebra
Chaparral Cowboys Logo Tonda McPherson
English APP 2, 3, 4 and English 3 CC
Chaparral Cowboys Logo Joanne Ringer
Special Education
Chaparral Cowboys Logo Essie Thompson
Self Contained
Tillmon Brandy Tillmon
English I, World History, English I APP
JAnth Justin Anthony
Math Co-Op
Chaparral Cowboys Logo Maria Davis-Cardenas
Autism Program
Friedman Meryle Friedman
Special Education
Marie Johnson Marie Johnson
MCS Teacher
Joel Mills Joel Mills
Significantly Diversified Learners
kparke Keith Parke
Self Contained
Rblood Robert Blood
Special Education
Elizabeth Moses Elizabeth Moses
Special Education Teacher
TT Tom Tebbs
Special Education Teacher
Megan Weidler Megan Weidler
Special Education and English
Chaparral Cowboys Logo John Williams
John Williams - Special Ed
Chaparral Cowboys Logo Susan Ritter
Susan Ritter - Special Education