Lanny Littlefield

Classes Taught: Science

Contact Info:

Email: (702) 799-7580


Graduated from High School: Basic High School, Henderson, Nevada

School Activities participated in during High School:  Football and Student Council

College (Where they studied/major):  Southern Utah University, Cedar City, UT and Dixie College, St. George, UT.  Studied Physical Education and Biology

Favorite thing about Chaparral:  Mr. Littlefield enjoys the faculty and the students. 

Interesting Fact:  Mr. Littlefield played 4 years of college and 2 years of Semi-pro football.  He coached for 20 years of both high school and college football.  He coached on a National Champion Football team while at Southern Utah University.  He has been married to his dear wife for 47 years and they have 14 grandchildren.