3850 Annie Oakley Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89121


Daniel Traub

Classes Taught:  Geoscience


E-mail: dbtraub@interact.ccsd.net

(702) 799-7580 ext. 3413


Graduated from High School: Bethlehem High School, Delmar, NY

Worked at in High School: Albany Country Club, Lifeguard/Swim Coach

School Activities participated in during High School:  Key Club and Varsity Swimming

College (Where they studied/major): St. Lawrence University, Geology and History  and College of St. Rose, Adolescent Education

College Activities:  Varsity Swimming, Geology Club and Study Aroad

Favorite thing about Chaparral:  The unique and diverse personalities of our students.

Interesting Fact:  Mr. Traub's gray hair first started to appear as a sophomore in high school.