sl Sergio Lopez III
Department Coordinator
bhagat Rachna Bhagat
Principles of Science, Physics I Honors and Avid
caliendo18 Ruby Caliendo
Principles of Science
Stephanie Coplan
Chemistry and Biology
Lanny Littlefield
Science Teacher
James Sammons James Sammons
Chemistry, AP Environmental Science and Avid
martin18 Gary Martin
Science Teacher
Danridge18 Patricia Danridge
Principles of Science
Mike Dimuro
Biology I
Chaparral Cowboys Logo Harold Harvey
Biology and Zoology
Daniel Traub
Science Teacher
lasha18 Nathan Lasha
Nathan Lasha
SR1 Rathnakaran Samuel
Rathnakaran Samuel
JS1 Jacqueline Simmons
Jacqueline Simmons
bb18 Brittany Backofen
Brittany Backofen - Science
gonz18 Uvette Gonzaque-Francis
Uvette Gonzaque-Francis- Science
lam18 Lam,Tat
Science Department
padour18 Padour, Barbara
Science Department
Villa18 Villa-Granados, Juana
Science Department
vector Tim Beasley
Chaparral Cowboys Logo Julie Weaver
Chaparral Cowboys Logo Tim Beasley
Chaparral Cowboys Logo Joseph Oh