Physical Education & Health

Administrators and Teachers

Antheaume Xavier Antheame
Department Coordinator Athletic Director Boy's P.E.
Matthew Balodis Matthew Balodis
Health Teacher
Jenna Crabb Jenna Crabb
Girl's P.E. and Weight Training
Cooper Harris Cooper Harris
Physical Education and Lifetime Sports
Jessica Rice
Physical Education
Chaparral Cowboys Logo Paul Nihipali
Physical Education
MZ Cynthia Ziegler
Girls' Physical Education Teacher
Froman William Froman
Physical Education Teacher
Chaparral Cowboys Logo Kenneth Karns
Kenneth Karns - PE
Chaparral Cowboys Logo Patrick Welby
Patrick Welby - PE
Chaparral Cowboys Logo Briana Thomas
Briana Thomas - Health
Chaparral Cowboys Logo Christina Mootz
Christina Mootz - PE
Chaparral Cowboys Logo Brittany Carlin
Brittany Carlin - PE
Name: Megan Stanley Course(s) taught: Health Email:

Course Taught: P.E Email:

PE & Health Curriculum:

  • Girls PE I
  • Girls PE II
  • Girls Weight Training
  • Boys PE I
  • Boys PE II
  • Boys Weight Training
  • Health Education