Foreign Language

Art Carinci

Classes Taught:  French I, II, III

Contact Info:

Room 311


Graduated from High School: Fordson High School, Dearborn, MI

Worked at in High School: Grocery store and sales

School Activities participated in during High School:  Hockey, Football, Student Council, French Club, Science Club.

College (Where they studied/major):  University of Detroit, Bachelors (BA); Wayne State; Central Michigan; University of Michigan and Ohio State University.  Mr. Carinci majored in French and Social Studies and minored in English and Theology.

College Activities:  Hockey and Student Council

Favorite thing about Chaparral:  Students are generally polite and caring.

Interesting Fact:  Mr. Carinci was scouted by the Chicago Blackhawks and the New York Rangers to play professional hockey.  Mr. Carinci was also the Athletic Administrator where he taught in Michigan and he is a Certified Athletic Administrator.