Administrators and Teachers


Chaparral Cowboys Logo Erika Merlos
Erika Merlos - English
Hardy, Kim Hardy, Kim
Kim Hardy - English
GR Graciela Rodriguez
Graciela Rodriguez - English
Sp1 Stephanie Powell
Stephanie Powell - English
mm1 Meaghan McGowan
Meaghan McGowan - English
Megan Weidler Megan Weidler
Special Education CC English
Lauducci Alex Lauducci
English Language Learner Teacher
Sharon Collins Sharon Collins
English Teacher
Tillmon Brandy Tillmon
Special Education - English
Chaparral Cowboys Logo Tonda McPherson
Special Education - English
Pete Manna Peter Manna
CM Chris Mangiapane
English and Yearbook
Bonnie Moses Bonnie Moses
English Teacher
Jay Renneker Jay Renneker
English 2 Honors
Adrianna Donnelly Adriana Donnelly
American Literature and English IV
David Winkler
American Literature, Advanced Composition and English III
Chaparral Cowboys Logo Emily Wilson
English 1, Modern Literature, Modern Literature Honors and English 4
Valla Sodoma
English 2, American Literature and ELL English
Chaparral Cowboys Logo Liza Soares
Modern Literature, Multicultural Literature and Reading for Proficiency
McDermit Tricia McDermott
English I and Reading Fundamentals
Laurel Borreson
English I, Modern Literature and Modern Literature Honors

English Curriculum:

  • English I
  • English I Honors
  • English II
  • English II Honors
  • English III
  • English IV
  • American Literature
  • American Literature Honors
  • Composition Honors
  • Modern Literature
  • Modern Literature Honors
  • English Literature & Composition AP
  • American Studies – English
  • Reading Fundamentals
  • Publications
  • Multicultural Themes in Literature
  • Reading for Proficiency
  • English Language Learners I
  • English Language Learners II
  • English Language Learners III
  • Writing for Proficiency