Fulfillment Fund Las Vegas

Helping Students with their college future.

Nevada Day Fulfillment Fund Trip

Engelstad Family Donates $10 Million Dollars to Chaparral High School

Important Information:

Scholarship Tips for First-Generation Students

Parent Fact Sheet

Important People:

Evelyn Garcia Morales
Director of Programs 
Chaparral Portable #3 
Susy Ruiz 
College Counselor/Parent Program Lead
Chaparral Portable #3
Grade levels 11th/12th
Ext: 4354
Johnny Dominguez
College Counselor
Chaparral Portable #3
Grade Levels 11th/12th
Ext: 4355
Niko Centeno Monroy
CAP Advisor & Curriculum Lead
Chaparral Portable#3 
Grade levels 11th/10th
Ext: 4357

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